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25856: Move ERIC from the midstride position and scroll the screen if necessary
Called from the main loop at 26471 when ERIC is midstride.
25856 LD HL,32745 Set ERIC's midstride action timer at 32745 to 0 to indicate that ERIC will no longer be midstride after this movement
25859 LD A,(HL)
25860 LD (HL),0
25862 DEC L Set ERIC's main action timer at 32744 equal to the previous contents of 32745
25863 LD (HL),A
25864 LD HL,44131 Point HL at byte 99 of ERIC's buffer
25867 CALL 25108 Update the SRB for ERIC's current location
25870 LD L,99 Pick up ERIC's next animatory state in A (from byte 99 of his buffer) and his next location in DE (from bytes 100 and 101)
25872 LD A,(HL)
25873 INC L
25874 LD D,(HL)
25875 INC L
25876 LD E,(HL)
25877 CALL 25008 Update ERIC's animatory state and location and update the SRB
25880 CALL 27026 Update the display
25883 CALL 65106 Make a walking sound effect
Decide whether the screen should be scrolled left or right.
25886 LD HL,44128 Point HL at byte 96 of ERIC's buffer
25889 LD A,(32512) A=X: leftmost column of the skool on screen (0-64)
25892 BIT 7,(HL) Is ERIC facing left?
25894 LD L,98
25896 JR Z,25907 Jump if so
25898 CP 64 Is the far right end of the skool on screen?
25900 RET Z Return if so
25901 SUB (HL) A=X-x (x=ERIC's x-coordinate)
25902 CP 234 Is ERIC's screen x-coordinate 22?
25904 RET NZ Return if not
25905 JR 25820 Otherwise scroll the screen left 8 columns
25907 AND A Is the far left end of the skool on screen (X=0)?
25908 RET Z Return if so
25909 SUB (HL) A=X-x (x=ERIC's x-coordinate)
25910 CP 247 Is ERIC's screen x-coordinate 9?
25912 RET NZ Return if not
25913 JP 25810 Otherwise scroll the screen right 8 columns
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